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Wednesday 26th March 2014

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Had a great day yesterday visiting Mardy Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab Class.  I was pleasantly surprised how many professionals from various departments of the NHS attend these classes to help patients get back to the fitness levels and breathlessness they had prior to their episode.

Phil - Community Tutor - Tutoring and advising on exercises and fitness.

Suzanne - Specialist Nurse - Checking Patients blood pressure and wellbeing.

Gill - Dietician - Talking to and Educating Patients about diet and their health. Gill was accompanied by student Dietician, Suzanne, who was observing.

Maria - Occupational Health - Helping Patient get back to work and the lifestyle they had prior to their episode.

Avril - Physiotherapy Technical Instructor - helping patients with their fitness and problems they may have.

12 Patients attended this session, all partaking in the warm up with myself included, after this everyone moved onto various fitness stations and worked on the equipment on their own, this is where I thought I should just leave them to get on with what they know and just observe.  Everyone worked hard for 45 minutes before having a cooldown followed by a discussion from Suzanne regarding Medicines.

I was very interested watching how patients and professionals worked and how all the departments work together to ensure each patient has a positive experience.

Looking forward to visiting Phase 4 Classes on Saturday.


Penny Nurse

Fundrasing and Events Co-Ordinator


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