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Trustees & Committee Members

The Charity is wholly dependent on volunteers (we would simply not survive without them) who take on a variety of roles, including:

  • Clerical/administration
  • Arranging and taking part in fund raising events 
  • Entertainment evenings
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Welome Desk at Nevill Hall

The Charity Committee meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm in the Education Centre at Nevill Hall Hospital. 

We understand that time is valuable but would really appreciate any you could give.  If you can only give an hour once a month or once every three months that would be great! If you can give more, fabulous!!

If you would like to become a volunteer and support the activities of the Charity in any capacity, please get in touch, we would be very pleased to hear from you.


Patron under discussion; President Dr Stephen Hutchison; Honorary Vice Presidents David Davies MP; Chair Martin Tricky; Vice Chair Secretary Gary HicksTreasurer Greg Overs; Nurse Consultant Jackie Austin; Nigel Dancer


Chair Jackie Austin; Friendship Secretary Kathy Cleveland; Suzanne Indge; Paul Jarrett; Melvyn Johnson; Ann Harford; Secretary Tracy LewisAnne Ryan; Dean Ryan; Mary Wakeling and Owen Webber

Most of the members have had some sort of cardiac event and here are a few of their stories.

Dr Maggie Woodhouse (Secretary)

In 2002, after a heart attack and hospitalisation when visiting my home town in the Midlands, I consider myself lucky to have been transferred on discharge to North Gwent Phase III.  I enjoyed the exercise and education sessions, and didn't hesitate to move on to Phase IV classes when the time came.  The benefits to me of the entire experience of Cardiac Rehab are immeasurable (and fun!), so it was inevitable that I would want to put something back by joining the Trustees and Committee when invited.  I was taken a bit by surprise when the post of joint vice-chair was thrust upon me (and I am still plotting my revenge!) but I am enjoying doing my bit.  I am very much a 'glass half full' person, and see the bright side in everything.  I would like others to see that a heart attack or heart surgery is not the end of the world, and that it can be the start of a new and better stage of life.  At the very least, what better excuse can there be for getting out of doing something you don't like than 'I've got a heart condition?'

Kathy Cleveland (Friendship Secretary)

'I have been attending cardiac classes for a number of years with my husband Allen, one of our Assisstant Community Tutors. I really enjoy the classes and usually attend Llanfoist a couple of times per week. In addition I like to get out on my bike and/or walk most days of the week. I have recently taken over responsibilty for the friends of the Charity and, with the help of my predecessor Paul Jarret; I am slowly getting to grips with the system and gradually getting everything back on track following the handover' 


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