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What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

"If there were a pill that cost very little, reduced cardiac deaths by 27 per cent, improved quality of life, and reduced anxiety and depression, every cardiac patient in Europe would be expected to take it.  There is no such pill, but taking part in a cardiac rehabilitation programme can provide all these benefits.  In the UK, only a small number of those in need are offered the chance to take part."

Professor Bob Lewin, European Society of Cardiology, Amsterdam 2005

Cardiac Rehabilitation consists of:

Phase I (whilst in hospital) - Patients and their carers are seen by a member of the Cardiac Rehabilitation team within 48 hours of referral.  Being seen regularly there is time to answer questions and prepare them for going home.

Phase II (the time at home) - A member of the team will telephone new patients during their first week at home and, if further support is required, may arrange clinic review.

Phase III (the out patient programme) - after an initial assessment patients will have the opportunity to commence the out patient programme, which consists of:

Exercise - patients are encouraged to follow their own exercise prescription which will include a warm up, stretches, cardiovascular conditioning exercise, muscle toning and a cool down.

Education - the topics discussed are varied and are on issues that patients and carers have told us cause the most concern.

Relaxation - different methods of relaxation are used with C.D's available on request.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation team helps patients plan their health goals for the future by assessing fitness levels, risk factors and establishing how they are feeling.  The out patient programme is planned so that patients can CHOOSE which parts of the service will benefit them most.

Phase IV - On completion of the structured programme it is important to maintain the physical and lifestyle changes that have been made. Our Community classes are available and are run by BACPR trained staff.

More information on Cardiac Rehabilitation can be found at the BHF Website