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North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation & Aftercare Charity

Reg Charity No: 1056887 


While we are working on new content for this website, come join our Ticker Network Group for all the latest news, events and cardiac gossip.

The charity’s primary aim is to give Cardiac patients one of the best rehabilitation services within the UK.  Whether it be heart attack, cardiac surgery, angina, stents or heart failure, we are able to support all these vital aspects of care.  We also promote and assist in heart research.

Fundraising activities help us to achieve our aims and give us the opportunity to help patients achieve a better quality of life. 

The Charity was formed some 20 years ago when a need was identified to support heart patients, both emotionally and physically, to enable them to achieve an improvement in their quality of life and prevent further cardiac events. Importantly we work in strong partnership with the Cardiac Rehabilitation team to help provide this very necessary service. 

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